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About Richard

Richard Gerrettson-Cornell is the founder of RGC Advertising, which is an award winning digital advertising and marketing agency in Sydney Australia.

Give your customers more reasons to buy

There are numerous ways to generate sales without tricky too good to be true offers or discounts. Do you actually know why your existing customers spend with you and not your competitors? Taking the hard line approach with your customers is not the answer, just serve them well and give them what they want!

How can your database make you money?

You have to be in it to win it. Having the ability to attract new leads to your business is one thing, but have you considered how to convert these leads into paying customers?

Why you need to promote your business

You sometimes hear people say that they don’t need to promote themselves because business is good and all their work just comes in through word of mouth.

Not marketing when times are good will hurt

You tell yourself you don’t need to do any marketing or advertising because things are going so well, why would you need to spend any money when you already have so much work?