Why you need to promote your business

You sometimes hear people say that they don’t need to promote themselves because business is good and all their work just comes in through word of mouth.

Businesses that rely on referrals from clients or friends usually take some time before they establish themselves and can take many years before they see the profits they desire.

It is also very common to see businesses only trying one form of marketing if any. Some have either tried advertising in the past, which was unsuccessful, and as a result they are apprehensive to try anything of that nature again.

Believing that their clients will spend with them forever is a very common problem. Business does not stay the same and will go through many cycles, both good and bad.

Some businesses also believe that their business is different to others so therefore they can’t advertise or promote themselves in ways like other businesses, it’s just too difficult!


The first step is to believe that your business needs promoting. This will allow your head-space to be different and it will provide your business the opportunity to explore avenues you would never have dreamed possible.

Trying only one form of promotion limits your business. You will not know what marketing or advertising works for your business unless you try at least FIVE FORMS OF MARKETING. This will allow you to test and measure the effectiveness of the marketing and then provide you with the best platform to promote sales.

To ensure longevity in your business you must PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. I am not suggesting that you need to produce expensive advertising campaigns in order to have a successful business, I am suggesting that you should tell your business story to anyone that wants to listen to it. You can do this through many mediums, for example:

– Business networking groups
– Friends or family
– Social media
– Telemarketing
– Public relations
– Internet marketing
– Signage

These are inexpensive forms of promotion, which will give your business tremendous exposure. It will also enable you to tell your story to a large number of people and as time goes by and your business increases in size your budgets will allow you to explore additional forms of advertising and marketing.

Having a business that relies on referrals is great and some of the most successful businesses were built from trusted testimonies from referred clients, however things don’t last forever and it is very important to constantly search for new clients.

It is vital to search on an ongoing basis as to ensure your business receives a steady flow of lead inquiries that can potentially result in sales opportunities. If you are not promoting your business this very minute then you are losing valuable time and money.

I am yet to find a business out there that does not have a target market. Regardless of the type of business you have, you do have someone out there who needs your products or services, so it is important to locate that potential client and implement a form of promotion, which will encourage them to spend with your business.